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Fic: As Long As I Have (1/25)

Title: As Long As I Have (1/25)
Pairings: Jack/Ianto.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Huge spoilers for Children of Earth, all Days.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood. Anything you recognise is the property of the BBC.
Summary: Children of Earth fix it fic, starting from Day Five.
Author's Notes: Oh, Children of Earth, what did you do to me? I'd never written Torchwood before and I was compelled to write after Day Five finished and I started and haven't been able to stop. It's been a lot of fun, writing this, and this is where my first thank you comes in [info]tazza_di_jo has done so much to help with this fic, we've plotted and brainstormed and debated timelines and canon and, seriously, she deserves so much credit for this fic because she's been totally awesome.
Thank you to [info]son_heir, for reading it and getting overly excited in parts.
And, for the betas, huge thank yous to pabzi  & nipplemuggins  for catching my eight million typos and all the other things that needed beating into shape.

The first thing Ianto Jones noticed when he woke up was the silence. It had been a long time since he had awoken to silence. He was always woken by Jack; the sound of him softly snoring, or a clattering from the kitchen, a tap of phone keys nearby. Always noise, never silence. But not this time. This time there was silence and nothing else

The second thing Ianto Jones noticed was that his throat was burning. He desperately needed a drink. He sat up, his head fuzzy, and that was when remembered.

He was alone, in what looked to be a school sports hall, surrounded by bodies. He processed this slowly. He was alone, and surrounded by dead bodies. Alone, surrounded by dead bodies, in London. Not for the fist time.

He tried to stand. He felt a little off balance, but otherwise fine, and he began to think through all that had happened. He made his way to the nearest exit, slumping down against the wall as soon as he got outside, too much had happened, his brain couldn’t keep up.

He had died – well, he had been dying, anyway. In Jack’s arms. But where was Jack now? Jack must have died too, but he would have recovered faster. Recovered, and left Ianto’s body behind. He had left Ianto’s body behind, so he must have thought Ianto was dead.

He pushed away from the wall, he had to get moving. The first thing he had to do was find some water and then, once he had done that, he would track down Jack. And Gwen. And Rhys, and whoever else they were working with now. He would find out what was happening, they would save the world and then Ianto would retcon Jack, lest he remember Ianto’s deathbed statement of love.

It took far less time than Ianto had expected it would to track Jack down. Getting into the police station had been a little harder, but if you spend enough time hanging around a former police officer and an ex-conman, you pick up a few tricks.

He smiled to himself as the policeman opened Jack’s cell door and gave Ianto a curt nod before retreating down the corridor. Jack didn’t look up and Ianto took a second to take him in. He looked devastated, staring dejectedly at the floor, the spark gone out of him.

“Jack”, Ianto said quietly. “Jack.”

He watched as Jack raised his head, his mouth falling open in confusion.

“What?” Jack stared at him, not moving. His eyes were wide and he struggled to form words. Ianto crossed the room, gently laying a hand upon Jack’s cheek, reassuring him that he was solid, that he was real.

Seconds later Jack was on him. Lips locking, tongues duelling, hands moving. Ianto felt as though his head would explode – Jack was pouring every ounce of passion he could possibly possess into kissing him.

It was more than overwhelming and Ianto had to pull away. He sank back against the cell wall and Jack studied him with shining eyes. “Ianto...”

“Hello, sir.”

Jack laughed, a deep laugh, the type of laughter that Ianto associated with Jack, and only Jack, and the comfort brought by him. “Oh, only you, Ianto Jones, only you.”

“Jack...” Unsteadily, Ianto brought a hand up to Jack’s face.

“You’re alive,” Jack whispered.

“You too.”

“I can survive anything,” Jack reminded him. “But you... how?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that I woke up alone, in a body bag.”

Jack nodded. “We thought you were... We had to go, there wasn’t time.”

Ianto held up a hand. “We don’t have time now, either. Come on, explain it to me on the way.”

“Where are we going?” Jack asked, as Ianto pulled a pair of handcuffs from his pocket. Jack cocked an eyebrow and threw a smirk in Ianto’s direction.

Before Ianto could begin his master escape plan, the cell door burst open and he was pulled away from Jack and his tempting smirk by a man dressed all in black. Two others had seized Jack and several more were in the hallway, battling with the police officers. He found himself being thrust forward, and along with Jack he was handcuffed and led to the roof.

As a helicopter came into land and they were push forwarded Jack reached as best he could to touch Ianto’s fingers with his own in a gesture of comfort. It was a silent promise, Ianto knew, Jack’s way of telling him that they would get out of this. Whatever this was.

When they landed they were taken into a cold building without any explanation and pushed through a series of corridors, still handcuffed. Eventually, their pace slowed and the light in Jack’s eyes returned, a grin forming on his face as a woman got to her feet. She watched them, but she didn’t smile. A young blond boy pulled away from her, running towards them and throwing his arms around Jack’s middle. Ianto looked over at the woman, realising who she must be. Alice. Jack’s daughter. Jack had a daughter. Beyond the first few moments of shock and betrayal at that revelation, Ianto had not really been surprised. But, although he knew she had a son, he hadn’t thought of her being older than him.

The boy – Steven – was scrambling for Jack’s attention and Ianto looked back to see Jack’s eyes flitting from him to Alice. He gave Jack a small nod, telling him that it was okay, and Jack turned back to Steven, who was still calling for ‘Uncle Jack’. Which answered another unasked question – Steven didn’t know.

Jack gently urged Steven to stay with Alice as they were led down the corridor and into a large room. Their handcuffs were removed and a woman in black – Johnson, Ianto’s brain supplied - began to explain the situation, Jack bouncing ideas back at her while the man from Thames House, Dekker, insisted they couldn’t beat this.

There was a look of steely determination in Jack’s eyes as he began to piece things together. He beckoned to Ianto as he began frantically manipulating the keyboard of the nearest computer; they worked in a determined silence and it wasn’t long before they knew what had to be done.

Dekker’s face formed into a cruel smile as he looked at them, horribly amused. “That child’s gonna fry.”

Jack was staring straight ahead of him, refusing to be a part of it. With Alice screaming on one side of him and Johnson ordering him on the other, Ianto could see Jack physically shaking with the weight of the decision he had to make. All eyes were on the Captain, waiting for an answer that Jack couldn’t give. Jack didn’t move.

“No,” Ianto said sharply, glaring at Johnson. He gripped at Jack’s hand, pulling it way from the desk and forcing Jack to look at him, to focus. “Jack, you can’t.” He stared into Jack’s blue eyes; they were shining with unshed tears. Alice was still screaming, Johnson was still making demands. “Jack, there has to be another way. We’ll find another way.”

Jack looked at Ianto for second, squeezing his hand before turning to Johnson. “No. You can’t have him.” He looked at Alice, then turned back to Johnson. “No way.”

“I’m sorry Captain,” came Johnson’s response, her voice distant and unfeeling. She turned to the men behind her. “Restrain him.”

Suddenly, both Jack and Ianto were being held back by Johnson’s men. They struggled to get free as Alice ran out of the room, calling for her son. Ianto watched, helplessly, as Jack became more and more frantic. Soon Alice too, had been restrained, and as they carried Steven in she hammered her palms against the door, begging to be let in. Jack was pulling at the arms restraining him and there were tears flowing freely down his face. Ianto tried to get out of the guard’s firm grip, but he couldn’t break free, and he watched helplessly as Jack’s world fell apart before them.

Steven was placed in the centre of the room, looking terrified and confused, calling for Jack, for his mother, for anyone. Jack screamed at Johnson, begging her to let him go, to find another way, but it was too late. Dekker began pressing buttons, and suddenly Steven let out an ear piercing scream that threw the rest of the room into silence. Even Jack stilled momentarily.

Then it all happened too quickly for Ianto to stop and think, Jack and Alice resumed their shouting and screaming, they pleaded with Dekker to stop, to end Steven’s suffering as the boy shook violently in the centre of the room, blood beginning to pour from his nose. The man restraining Ianto had loosened his grip in shock at the sight before him and Ianto took advantage. He pulled quickly away and raced across the room. Before anyone noticed he was moving he had reached Dekker and pushed him away from the computer, slamming his fingers into the keyboard desperately.

The transmission ended.

Steven slumped to the floor and, once again, the room fell silent.

Chapter 2

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Tags: fic, fic: as long as i have, pairing: jack/ianto
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